Filipino style sweet spaghetti

For me, this is perfection. I have so many dish requests in mind that I hope Papa would cook for us during their visit here in Japan but I think I’d be requesting for this one again very soon.

With pork meat, bacon, mushroom and loads of cheese. And sugar.



Glick Grill (Takamatsu)

And so with the start of the new year is the hope that I’d be able to update this blog more often; “more often” being at least once a month.

Had our first dine out for the year earlier for dinner at the Glick Grill. Set up is like one of those popular family restaurants here in Japan; only, that this is of high end and of course with more class.

Both hubs and I had the meal with roast chicken, pan-grilled tuna (hiding under the paprika in below photo) and deep-fried marinated shrimp on lemon sauce. I love all three, especially the roasted herbed chicken skin (I rarely eat chicken skin as part of dieting) and the shrimp (which reminded me of the way Papa cooks shrimps – which they had for their Media Noche ~drool~). If given the choice however, I wouldn’t have had added the lemon sauce.


We ordered herbed rice with our main dish. I was just expecting the usual herbed rice but was delightfully surprised with what was served us.


It’s reminiscent of the Singaporean Chicken Rice but made EVEN BETTER because it’s Japanese rice and cooked with herbs. I’m limiting my rice intake to only half a cup once a day but I believe I could easily finish four cups of this one. 😀

Tummy has no more room for dessert so I just ordered cafe mocha. No expectations for this one but yet again I was delighted with what was served.


Thanks for the treat Otosan! 🙂

Cicada in Hiroo

I could easily call this Mediterranean restaurant an old favourite. Their menu is one that would make you come back again and again and again. And well, the fact that it’s a place were i’ve had wonderful memories of get togethers with friends add to the place’ charm.

Honestly, I’m craving for Cicada’s dishes today so much so that I asked Hubs we eat there with Okasan next week when she comes to visit us. I-CAN’T-WAIT. For now and the next few days, I’ll just daydream of these:

Grilled flat bread that goes great with salted olive oil. It’s “bottomless” or for okawari at only 500yen (without tax).


They offer a selection of olive oils – Greek, French, Californian, Italian.


For their Tapaz, these are our absolute favourites:
Spicy Moroccan Crab Cakes


Roasted Calamari stuffed with Prosciutto


For the main entree, Pan-roasted scallops with farro and maitake risotto


Drool. Six sleeps away.

Click here for reservations and access to the place.

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