Red Ribbon’s Salisbury Steak

I was having my Hamburg set at Frenchbaker for lunch – a meal consisting of a generous size of hamburg, mashed potato and corn&carrots on the side with mushroom sauce – but I just can’t get my mind off another hamburg set from another restaurant. Sure the hamburg Frenchbaker has was good enough, grilled just about right. Yet. Whenever I order the said meal, I feel like I got myself robbed. Sure the hamburg was bigger, but it’s all in the taste dearie, at the right price. I could have gotten a better tasting hamburg meal with more value for my money. And I’ve only one hamburg in mind with that – Red Ribbon’s Salisbury Steak.

Salisbury Steak (or hamburg as it is more popularly known in Japan), is made of minced meat, most often, beef. It’s called steak since it is supposed to resemble a steak although I have to extend my imagination a lot to convince myself that they resemble a steak. It usually comes with a sauce, most often mushroom sauce whilst some even comes glazed with barbeque sauce.

Red Ribbon’s Salisbury Steak is just about the best in town.  The medium-sized “steak” oozes its juices as you cut your knife into it. And in your mouth, it’s a riot of flavor – you know there’s onion in there, egg, the right amount of garlic, delicious meat (which doesn’t have the rank taste nor odor of beef) and other spices that you just can’t point your finger into.

And oh the mashed potatoes! I’m not much into potatoes but this one i’m crazy about. It has a generous serving of butter in it that makes it reeeaally creamy in that I don’t mind about the calories I get from it. And whoever thought of mashing up the potatoes with generous amount of parsley was a genious – the parsley just melded right with the buttery flavored potatoes.

The mushroom sauce? It’s goodfood in itself!

Oh this Salisbury Steak is one comfort food for me on those evenings that I work overtime at the office. And what’s great about this dish is that I get to appreciate it so much even if the main ingredients are stuff that I have reservations in eating – beef and potatoes.

There’s one thing though. Lately, the presentation has gone sloppy as compared to how it was back before I had my long stint in Japan, around 2004. Red Ribbon should value the goodfood they have.


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  1. March 1, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    oh so yummy lunch …

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